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Ready To Go? Animate - Animation Academy was established in the year 2005. The aim was to provide a creative environment for students to pursue a career in animation. On the much-admired Animation and Illustration course we provide both the guidance and the independence the students need to express their artistic vision with confidence and quality.

RTG provides excellent personalized teaching and support services that addresses the needs of the students. The Academy prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of animation by delivering degree and diploma programs.

RTGA welcomes aspirants who have a flair for art. The curriculum has been designed to provide coursework leading them to become a professional animator.

It maintains an inclusive admissions policy for students who meet the academy’s basic requirements for admission and instruction.

The students are taught by faculty members who have a passion for teaching. It combines the best of digital and handmade animation, ensuring that the students leave the course with an excellent portfolio that demonstrates the widest range of skills.

The curriculum has traditional core skills of drawing, composition, color, design, and perspective. The advanced coursework that is followed is updated each semester enabling the aspirants to gain knowledge as per current and future industry standards.

The students learn skills that build on their previous learning, with a course structure that encourages their artistic independence while covering the broadest range of animation techniques.

They develop a visual language through illustration workshops and apply this to their animation work, finding balance between the two complementary disciplines.

The academy offers a program designed to stimulate development of critical thinking, and communications skills, and to encourage emerging artists to draw upon a variety of disciplines to look at issues from multiple perspectives and to cultivate the ability to function as educated global citizens.


The mission of RTGA is to provide professional training to students to become great animators. Clear vision, determination and discipline to the craft will yield successful careers.

Why RTG?

RTGA is a prestigious institute where students will see their talents grow and their creative spirit held in highest esteem. They will fine-tune their original voice – what’s unique about them – so they can enter the real world triumphantly and confidently.

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What knowledge does a potential student require?

A: A student should have an artistic and creative bend of mind. Drawing skills are certainly preferred but not mandatory.

What career options are open after studying at RTG Animate?

A: A wide range of career options is available after studying at RTG Animate. Students can compete for 2D, 3D and VFX job opportunities in a wide array of industries. Since animation is a growing field, the work opportunities keep increasing.

What kind of firms recruit straight from campus ?

A: Well-known production houses from across India recruit the students. Apart from production houses software companies, e-learning firmsare major recruiters. The RTGAstudents have procured jobsat well-known production houses within the country.

What exactly is taught at RTG Animate?

A: RTG Animate teaches and trains students to be professional animators. RTG Animate does not merely teach animation. It teaches students to think creatively and develop their imagination skill for overall success in the animation industry. This also includes the pre-production part involving the story line, character development, background layout, lighting and many more.

What experience does the faculty have?

A: The faculty members have commendable experience working with production houses and academics for a long time. This helps the students by learning from the teachers’ experiences in the industry.

What distinguishes RTG Animate from other Animation academies?

A: RTG Animate is the pioneer in the field of animation training offeringa full time course five days a week. We have a band of dedicated faculty members who have long-term experience in the industry. Infrastructure is of global standardscomparable to any international animation academy. Our focus is to impart real skills necessary for students to be immediately employable.

How is the infrastructure?

A: RTG Animate offers infrastructure of international standards. 2D & 3D lab with custom made light boxes, life drawing benches with drawing boards, computer work stations with scanners, line-testers, with all materials and supplies required, the overhead projection view screens, library with digitized versions of visual and instructional references compiled from top international animation studios, as well as digitized books, lecture hall (which also serves as a screening room) are at the students’ disposal to groom them into professionals who could meet industry challenges. For more information visit our Infrastructure page.

What is the admission criteria and procedure?

A: Minimum qualification required is 10+2 (Higher Secondary) passed or appeared, in any stream. Students are required to face an assessment where their IQ and creativity skill are tested. Questions are set in a way where students from all background are able to answer them and the faculty is able to assess whether the candidate has a potential in animation/gaming industry and also to assess which aspect of animation is best suited to the student. Students need to fill up an application form for this entrance. It can be obtained along with the prospectus at a cost of Rs. 350/-.

Why classical animation?

A: Classical animation (or Cel animation, or hand-drawn animation) is the most traditional of all animation techniques. It is the root and framework of all animation processes. The classical animation not only creates the drawing sense of the student, it also enhances the creative mind of the pupil. Students with proper training in Classical Animation generally do better in Flash Animation and 3D Animation also.

What is the scope for animation in India?

A: Animation is a fast growing sector. The expansion is in different directions primarily due to factors such as growth of the overall industry, the potential newer consumption segments like education and gaming, and the recognition of India as an outsourcing destination. India has ascended to the top of the pyramid when it comes to CG Animation/VFX productions.

What types of courses are available?

A: The following programs are on offer:
1-year diploma program in 2D/3D Animation and Film Making
1-year Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX
1-year Diploma in 2D classical animation and Film Making
6 months Diploma in Flash Animation and Compositing
3-year B.Sc. Degree in Animation and Multimedia

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