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“ Umaa “ Students Flim

The film is an honest effort at upholding the fact that “ divinity “ actually lies deep within all of us.Being alive should also be about discovering and acknowledging that divinity.The film’s protagonist ,Umaa is the symbol of that divinity or in other words, the “shakti” that all of womankind posses but rarely explore.Umaa’s journey of discovering her “shakti” against the backdrop of the pristine landscape of Bengal makes it even more noteworthy.

Durga Pujo Greetings'2016

Rtg – Animate Animation Academy,Kolkata takes this opportunity to wish you all a happy Mahalaya and an even happier Durga Puja ahead.Stay blessed friends.

WORDS - Stop Motion 2015

Its Stop Motion animation time yet again at RTG Animate – Animation Academy with none other than Prosenjit Ganguly,film designer and mentor!Our students are excited to share with you all their stop motion film,”Words”.Please do watch and share it with your friends!


The film sensitively portrays a little girl’s innocent love and attachment that she has with her rag doll. Yet the day to day burden of studies and school cruelly prevents her from playing with it. The film ends with a positive note with the burden of studies lessened and the little girl being let to play with her doll.


The film is all about conveying this universal message that tells us to hold on to our dreams dearly and nurture them and pursue them to be better and more complete as persons. This is achieved by the film maker through the dream that the protagonist cherishes and desperately doesn’t want to end. She, at the end, refuses to wake up and dreams on instead.


The person behind all this was none other than the renowned animation film designer and mentor,Prosenjit Ganguly.It was his compelling session on stop motion animation followed by a workshop that swept everyone off their feet and the rest,as they say,was history.


The film is yet another showcase of some serious "monkey business". It shows how a little monkey manages to outsmart a fruitseller with it's trickery, in the most unexpected manner. One of it's bodily appendages rescues it from the clutches of the fruitseller, whose shop it had intended to ransack for bananas.



HAMBA is a film entirely made by the students of RTG and nominated by the FTII Pune. It is a story of love and bounds that binds humans with animals. It shows that love sees no boundaries and encases all.


Everything is colorful in this world. The story is about crows who wish to be colorful like the rest of the world. So they decide to color themselves with artificial colors. But one fine day it rains and their color gets washed away. They get back to their original black and grey color.


FLYING MACHINE is an interesting story which shows how little children do not require fancy toys to have fun. They enjoy the simplest offerings of nature and are content with it. The film also shows how a child's emotions are very momentary and how they freely express their thoughts.


MAGIC UMBRELLA is a story about a frog and his umbrella. The umbrella gives shelter to all the animals during rainy season and it keeps on increasing in size. Suddenly one day the umbrella gets destroyed due to a meteorite. The frog wakes up and realizes that it’s just a dream.


AT LEAST YOU COULD TRY is a film about underprivileged children and orphans. They request viewers to contribute to their education so that they have a life of hope, love and blessings.


It’s a story about a thief who goes out every night to steal. After stealing from almost the entire city the LUCKY THIEF got a wrong step and for that he died and had to stand before god. While searching and pointing out all the crimes the LUCKY THIEF tried (coz of his habit) to steal from God’s place. So god gets angry and throws him out from there. And as a result; the LUCKY THIEF again returns to the world.


It’s a rhythm of love which is created by nature. And all of them (the tree, bird, butterfly and entire life) are in love with each other. But when we try to break one of them; the entire nature looks colourless, they live without any tune, happiness, joy. It seems like a DEAD WORLD.


Shyam is a college student with artistic achievements. He lost his parents when he was a kid. His parents were traditional painters. They invented a new form of painting where they used their palms predominantly. However, gradually digital paintings were becoming popular, and they feared by the time Shyam grows up, traditional painting will become a dead art form. Before their unfortunate death, they could manage to keep a special gift for Shyam with the grandmother – a pack of acrylic color accompanied by a letter – which they wanted her to hand over to Shyam when he turns 21. They wanted to say “Always With You” to Shyam with this small gift. Shyam always misses his parents. He is a digital painter and has no idea about traditional painting. The day he turns 21, he receives the gift. He was amazed to see his fingerprint getting painted on the letter with one of the acrylic paints. He could suddenly correlate that the paintings stacked up in the attic which are forgotten for long, are actually paintings of his parents, using their palms. He is filled with emotion. He pulls one of them and feels surrounded by his parents and their love. He realizes love in the art is more important than the technology used to make them, as technology changes but love remains immortal.