COVID-19 Latvian collective dismissal of employees working in the gambling industry

Stalemate is observed not only in the gaming industry, but also in other business sectors. According to the State Employment Agency (SEA), more than 14 different companies filed for collective redundancies.

 During the press conference held in the online mode, the welfare minister Ramon Petravicha said that in general, we can talk about 3 thousand. Laid-off employees.

 The Minister also noted that due to the unpredictable nature of the spread of the coronavirus to predict in advance the consequences – the number of citizens who will not work under the influence of a pandemic – it is difficult. She also added that it is unclear what additional resources would be required to stabilize the situation.

 Petravicha also confirmed that under the control of its department structure reported 14 notifications from different companies, in which they talked about collective redundancies. It is known that in 2884 the situation will affect the citizens.

 It should be noted that since the beginning of this month 1.2 thousand. Latvians have already lost their jobs. As a rule, these people are engaged in the provision of services – catering establishments and tourist accommodation or in the transport sector. However, a few days ago we began to receive notice of collective redundancies in the gambling industry. The fact that, according to the decision of the Diet, to the quarantine authorities have decided to stop work not only terrestrial gambling establishments, but also operators of online gambling. Read more about this in the material.

 The minister urged the CEOs to consider carefully the need for layoffs, and in certain circumstances, the state can provide the means to sustain the business.

 Earlier, the finance minister said that the treatment of coronavirus is allocated more than € 2 billion. The government has approved a proposal for the payment of compensation to workers who are employed in enterprises with downtime. On the implementation of the ideas require from € 60 to € 200 million.

 But representatives of the Latvian trade union structures is considered that the period of unemployment benefits should be increased to 12 months. Its size also propose to increase.

 Recall that to get acquainted with the state’s plans to stabilize the economic situation in the crisis can be in a separate article.

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